Who we are?
1. Assia Mihaylova- The BOSS, illustrator, designer, publicist and a good mom
2. Yordan Bogdanov- Chef of ”too good is no good” Department
3. Mikhaela Mikhaylova- Main advisor, photographer and the best cake maker!

Our purposes
1. To enjoy ourselves
2. To colour as many kids’s rooms as possible
3. To entertain you

Our partners
1. Yana Prim, age of fefteen - PHD of the IDEAS sciences
2. Nikoleta Antonova, age of twelve - fashion specialist
3. Kalina Bogdanova, age of seven- specialist of wall decoration
4. Margarita Borisova, age of six - degustator of our products

What is it?
Considering space as a blank page, BuBuB proposes much more than just
simple decoration, brings illustration for kids to life and gives the possibility
to open a window of imagination, by transforming various supports into
narrative spaces, where kids and parents can create, learn and have fun!

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